onsdag 27. oktober 2010

"Willi" is mine!

Today I have paid my motorcycle! And I am in touch with Koeltgen about a solution for bringing luggage and my wheelchair...even though he don`t like it! As he said in an e-mail to me when I asked him if maybe a trailer could be a good solution?: "I think in Germany there is a “No Go” … And it´s not good for Motorbiking…. Of course" ;) I will update you when I know some more.

I have also got a new motorcyclejacket from Rukka, so I want the spring to come... NOW! :D

søndag 10. oktober 2010

Oh so quiet...

Nothing it happening rather than me having three weeks of training, so I come back to you when I have some news.

Today I went outside, seeing all the fine colours the autumn brings, and I sitt here thinking it`s far too long until the spring is here with my "Willi" and the feeling of freedom again! ...and I`m thinking of how to bring my wheelchair and luggage on my bike... maybe I need too look into it some more, consulting Koeltgen? Hmmmm...