tirsdag 8. november 2011

A bit slow...

It is winter here in Norway... or, the summer is holding on, but soon it is white and cold outside... so what is the plan for my motorcycle getting ready for the spring?

I have got all the papers from Bodø, and I will soon start the process getting "Willi" to Trondheim, a distance about 700 km along a bad road... I will do some changes so the motorcycle will be "more secure" on the road before I start the process to get the approval for the road... once again!

For now "Willi" is placed safe and comfy at BMC :)

torsdag 6. oktober 2011

Is there any hope?

Met a very interesting man today. He builds his own trikes here in Trondheim, and he seemed to be a man with very good ideas, maybe the man I need for my project? He`s Norwegian Champion for several years building motorcycles. His projects are like art, exceptionally motorcycles! He knows the system here in Trondheim, and maybe he can help me get my motorcycle on the road? Fingers crossed! :)

mandag 5. september 2011

What`s up?!

I haven`t written for a while, just because nothing is happening about my motorcycle! :( I`m still waiting for Germany to give me an answear about the soloution for the securityfunction.

Meanwhile all this time waiting, I have moved to another city, I have begun studying in Trondheim and I like it! My motorcycle is still in Bodø, and I hope I`ll get the approval before the spring is here again...

One more year has gone without my dream been realized...

lørdag 25. juni 2011

lørdag 11. juni 2011

Some more news :)

Wilhelm Koeltgen have found a solution for the securityfunction! He hope to have the switch finished next week. Looks like the adventure can continue :)

Next step will be to get the switch to Norway and to put it on the motorcycle... I don`t know how the switch works yet, but will give you some more information when I know.

Soon to come - wrooooom-wroooom!

tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Good news everybody!

The documentation is finally approved! Just have to find a solution for the securityfunction, then I`m on the road!

tirsdag 3. mai 2011

Blue eye...

I am back to the beginning of my adventure... still lack of documentation for F.B.S. of the motorcycle, so what to do?

An e-mail to Koeltgen, and then wait for answer...

And when the documentation are in place, then I need to find a solution for a securityfunction so that the switch for the F.B.S. can`t work over 30km/h...

...and the time goes by... so does the spring...

mandag 25. april 2011

The last update...

The 3rd of May I will meet for discussing a solution for the security-function, so once again, Thank God for my patience!

fredag 15. april 2011

And the time goes by...

...without my motorcycle on the road. Outside the spring has come, but yet is quite cold and a lot of rain.

I`m frustrated these days. An approval of the motorcycle is hard to get. Documentation is not good enough and I need some kind of securityfunction for the switches for the F.B.S. when the motorcycle is moving.

Now, I need to wait for the Easter to end before I can do some more, so be patient, dear readers, be patient, because I need to be...

onsdag 6. april 2011

More publicity!

A journaliststudent from the University has made her assignment of the motorcycleadventure, and the result is "Lam MC-fører rir igjen" at http://www.nettopp.iuo.no/.

torsdag 31. mars 2011

I want the spring to come! NOW!

This is a picture from Bodø today...

Inside this garage my motorcycle stand, and today I started the process for getting the bike ready for the road. I need a validation from the Statens Vegvesen. This bike is the first of it`s kind in Norway, so it`s a process which need a lot of documentation, and of course - a lot of patience. But the guys where quite positive so I think the process will go well :)

As you see at the picture, I still have some time before the spring is here...

torsdag 17. mars 2011

Flott artikkel i AN torsdag 17.mars

Du finner også en PDF-utgave på hjemmesida til Likevel MC Norge som kan være lettere å lese.

Førstesida av AN torsdag 17.mars 2011

Tusen takk for omtalen, Hein! "Når folk ser dette, tenker de: Kanskje det er mulig å fly?" :D

"Strålende glad. Siv Jorunn Fossum har nådd drømmen sin om å kjøre motorsyk"kel igjen etter ulykka som gjorde henne lam i beina. - Dette føles ubesbeskrivelig, sier Siv Jorunn som gleder seg stort til vårsleppet sammen med vennene i mc-miljøet. Fra venstre Wenche Karlsen, Britt Steinsund, Chrisitan Doll, Trygve Kvitle, Sol Maria Einvik og Sigurd Nilsen."

tirsdag 15. mars 2011

Finally! My motorcycle has come home!

The transporter helped us to get the bike in place. Wish to say thank you to Hans for lending us the trailer, it was just perfect for the transportation back home.

We picked up the bike in Drammen, and before driving back home to Bodø we joined the MC2011 together with Likevel MC Norge. It was a huge success! For both media and the visitors for the fair. All curious how the system work. The interest from media I will give you in another article.

The bike is ready to join the MC2011

Visitors from Koeltgen: Wilhelm Koeltgen and his colleague Markus van Leuck. Thank you very much for joining us!

Thank you all for a great time at MC2011! This is the stand for Likevel MC Norge, and some of the wonderful people there. From the left: Kjell Ove, Terje, Sigurd and Hein.

A big smile!

lørdag 15. januar 2011

Trailer on my back!

I have ordered a trailer hitch from LilleRolf, one for BMW R1200RT. Koeltgen will do the operation for adjustments to my bike. Now I only need a trailer! ;)

It seems like the transportation is under control also. MC2011 - here we come! :D

onsdag 12. januar 2011


A Norwegian page MC-siden.no discussing motorcycle have a thread of my adventure. All in Norwegian I`m afraid.

Det foreligger en tråd om mitt eventyr "Dette står det respekt av" på forumet til MC-siden. For de av dere motorsyklister som enda ikke har oppdaget dette forumet, så anbefales det på det varmeste, mye nyttig informasjon kan fanges opp her. De har også egen gruppe på Facebook.

tirsdag 4. januar 2011

Happy New Year to you all!

I wish this year to be filled with lots of wonderful trips on my bike. May the spring come early this year!

Meanwhile, I take some Champagne to celebrate! :)