mandag 25. april 2011

The last update...

The 3rd of May I will meet for discussing a solution for the security-function, so once again, Thank God for my patience!

fredag 15. april 2011

And the time goes by...

...without my motorcycle on the road. Outside the spring has come, but yet is quite cold and a lot of rain.

I`m frustrated these days. An approval of the motorcycle is hard to get. Documentation is not good enough and I need some kind of securityfunction for the switches for the F.B.S. when the motorcycle is moving.

Now, I need to wait for the Easter to end before I can do some more, so be patient, dear readers, be patient, because I need to be...

onsdag 6. april 2011

More publicity!

A journaliststudent from the University has made her assignment of the motorcycleadventure, and the result is "Lam MC-fører rir igjen" at