torsdag 11. april 2013

The third year of waiting...

Still cold outside, but the spring has come to Trondheim. It has been a while since I have wrote to you, because not much is happening.

My motorcycle is now in the final step towards my approval (I hope!). I have gained some more capacity of the electrical system, and there have been some other small modifications. I am waiting for the MC Tuning to finish so I can get the approval I need.

This project got to be much longer than expected, and this is the third year without any approval. I have been tempted to quit more than once... Anyway, I need to end my project now, so the real adventure can begin! Hope to see some of you on the road in the nearest future...

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vi går for at du har sykkelen på veien til 26. april, sånn at du kan være med på MC-ravninga i år :-)
    Om du ikke har sykkelen på veien til da, er du velkommen likevel :-)
    Sjekk gjerne hjemmesida vår